Cat Left Alone In The Bathroom Tries To Fend Off Intruder In The Mirror

There are tons of cat videos out there. But there is a certain controversy whether who is funnier. Is it cats or dogs? We have really two several types of audiences here. Very few people love both cats and dogs. They usually favor one or the other. Cats react in very different ways from dogs. A dog usually follows his smell. He goes around the house or around the block based on what he is picking up with his nose. Being scent-oriented animals, dogs trust their noses more than they do their eyesight.

For instance, if you put food in front of a dog he or she must smell it first. Once a cat knows how food looks like and you put food in front of him or her, they’ll know what it is. Another significant difference is that cats have a persistent hunting instinct. They are extremely curious and want to find out everything there is to know about their surroundings. If you place a puppy in your home for the very first time, they will sniff around for a while looking for a place to eat or a place to pee. A cat’s search is a lot more elaborate.

Cats go into greater detail when looking around the house they live in for the first time. Besides that, because of their size, cats can fit into more places. This is the reason your cat seems to disappear from your sight for certain periods of time. When this happens, they are exploring every corner of the house looking for something that catches their attention.

One more thing is that cats are extremely silent. If you’re not careful you can even step on your cat. What many owners do is put a little bell or rattle in their collars. This helps the owners hear where they are at all times. Being stealthy is another feature that all cats have. Cats in general are excellent hunters. In the wild, their main weapon is stealth. There can hide in plain sight. Some people who have house cats also use this feature. In places where they have a mouse problem, cats come in very handy. Plus, you don’t even have to train them for this, it’s in their instinct.

When reacting to different things, cats take the cake for being funny. Such is the example of Sox. He’s a cat who decides to go to the bathroom to see what new thing he can find. He’s looking around, and he sees something that startles him. There’s another cat staring at him. He even looks exactly like him. He pretends he hasn’t noticed the intruder and waits to see the other cat’s reaction.

The other Seems to be mimicking Sox’s every move. He stands up a little bit taller and the other cat does the same thing. He lifts his right paw and starts making circular motions, the other cat seemed to anticipate his every move. It turns out, there’s no other cat at all. It’s his own some reflection in the mirror. Click on the video so you can see the incredible expression on Sox’s face the whole time.