When A Cat Mom Notices Her Kitten Is Having A Bad Dream, Watch How She Consoles Him

Mom always knows best. That’s how the old saying goes, and everybody knows there’s no greater truth. Moms are awesome because they are able to give their whole energy and spirit into their motherhood, and they do whatever it takes to make their kids happy and safe, no matter how high the cost. But these truths don’t just apply to human moms. Animal moms have a similar reaction to their young with a strong desire to protect them and take care of them until they are old enough to do those things for themselves.

The following clip shows how a mother cat cares for her tiny baby kitten. They are seen both sound asleep, and looking as warm and fuzzy as two cats can look, and their cuddling just makes me absolutely jealous. And then, out of nowhere, my heart just melts as the kitten starts moving his paws in the air, as if he was having a bad dream, and his momma cat does the unbelievable.

She reacts right away and grabs her little kitten tightly to protect him and comfort him, and it’s one of the most adorable moments I’ve seen! Motherhood is beautiful, and clips like this just fill me up with joy. We don’t know what he was actually dreaming about, but his mom must have thought he needed some comfort and love to get through the bad dream.

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