Cat Plays Drum With Tail While Resting On Swing. I Know Some Bands Who Would Take Him.

There have been animals playing instruments before – though the Cadbury Gorilla and Keyboard Cat don’t quite fit – they are fake… unless you truly think a real gorilla can bang out the end parts of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins on a drum kit. Yeah, I don’t think so. Here’s another animal playing a drum, but he’s not using a stick. He’s using his tail. This is a pretty cool video to watch.

We see Maru, a very well-liked cat on YouTube, climb onto a swing. It takes him a few seconds, and is not the most graceful act, but he gets the job done. This is like a swing that hangs from a tree for kids, not a porch swing. With him resting on it, his mommy or daddy puts a drum near his tail and then play soft music in the background. Maru moves his tail around and hits the drum with it.

Maru really likes this, since he keeps blinking slowly and shutting his eyes. For those of you not versed in cat behavior, it means that he’s very relaxed. Maybe even the sound of his own tail hitting the drum is relaxing – he does keep a very rudimentary timing of sorts to the song. I’ve never come close to falling asleep at a drum kit – since that’s pretty dangerous and possibly expensive, but I did feel on the verge of nodding off at a couple of parts of this.

If you close your eyes at the beginning of this video and just listen, it could very well just be one of those relaxation tapes. You wouldn’t have to know that it’s a cat hitting the drum with his tail. It could just be one of those extremely weirdly syncopated beats that seem to have absolutely no rhyme or reason to the timing. Still, it is all very oddly relaxing – I almost fell asleep listening it. Then again, it might be because I only got three hours sleep last night…

Once again, Maru delivers. There’s a reason that he’s the most popular cat on the Internet. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and also “Like” us on Facebook, please.

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