When This Cat Realizes She Is Being Recorded She Goes Into Cute Overdrive!

Pretty much anything can be made a toy. In this video we see a toy that was once a slipper. Ever since this cat first started living with mom and dad, she has groomed the fluffy ball with the string on the end. So they decided to give the cat the slipper as a toy.

This cat’s reaction is really intense when she notices she is being watched. She stopped grooming her toy and has a hilariously suspicious look on her face. The way she looks at the camera, it suggests to me that mom quite often films everything the cat does.

My favorite part is around the 22 second mark. When she first notices the camera mid-leak and just stops with her tongue hanging out. Watch this video if you want to see a cute cat doing something really adorable. I enjoyed this video and I think you will to.

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