Cat Starts Playing With Toy To Kick Off Video Compilation. I Couldn’t Pick Just One!

If the Internet imploded and the only thing that was saved were cute animal videos, I think I’d be just fine. Watching cats, dogs, fish and birds all frolic would take my mind off the fact that Armageddon was occurring anyways. I’d also save the videos before the Internet fully went down.. duh. This video here, a compilation of the best cat videos from 2015 is one such great time-waster.

What follows is a cavalcade of cat and kitten videos, each one seemingly more adorable than its predecessor. There are kittens riding Roomba vacuums, cats playing with each other, cats playing with dogs, cats climbing into things, cats staring out windows, and a cat walking around full bathtub apparently trying to catch bubbles from the drain. It’s just an overwhelming amount of cuteness… not that I am complaining.

The last video is the one that really makes it though – there’s a mommy cat sleeping with her kitten and the kitten is crying in his sleep. The mommy wakes up for a second, stretches and then hugs the kitten to her even closer. The kitten is SO happy and just falls asleep. I found myself going “aww” at that one. There are so many cute things going on during the whole eight-plus minutes, but this one is the winner.

What I have a hard time with during these videos is that it feels almost like the comfort food of the Internet. It’s hard to remember happened three minutes prior because there’s something equally cute or cuter going on right then and there. I watched the video three times and I still can’t remember everything that happened. That was a fun 20 minutes, though, I have to say. Going to go watch it a fourth time.

I couldn’t choose the best one out of this compilation. Did you have a favorite? Tell us what it was in the comments section below!

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