These Chatty Babies Are Having A Conversation. But When You Hear Them You’ll MELT! ADORABLE!

When it comes to our children we just can’t even express to the world just how much we love them. They are our whole words and from the moment we welcome them into this world we are obsessed with them.

When it comes to parents and their children it would be wise to never get in the middle of them. Parents are very protective of their kids, understandably so, and will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe and healthy. This is understandable when it comes to parents but it is always heartwarming to see two siblings who have a strong bond and connection that literally nothing will ever be able to break.

In this featured video you will see two babies who have that connection. This video was taken back in 2008, in it you will see twin babies who are talking to each other. In the video these two are obviously close but the real question is, is if these two still share that closeness.

The twin’s mother is happy to announce that yes the two are still very close and share a very special bond with each other, which is very common in twins. The two have been causing trouble and having a good time together for the last eight years and will enjoy many more to come.

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