Check out the incredible friendship between a cat and his bird that is taking the Internet by storm!

I just recently got a cat and let me tell you how fun they are to be around. It was not really my idea. It was my son’s. I had always been a dog person. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it was the fact that all I had growing up were dogs. Some of my friends did have a cat, but they were normally inside their homes. This was probably because of all the dogs that were around.

My son had wanted a cat for the longest time, so I decided to adopt one for him. We got her last January, so she’s just a few months old now. I asked my son why he wanted to have a cat, “why not a dog”? I asked. My son told me that he thought cats were cuter, plus he could carry a cat almost anywhere he wanted, and the same could not be said about a dog.

Anyway, we got the cat home and my son named her Misha. We went to the local pet store where we got all sorts of toys, a bed, a scratching post, sandbox, food and a cat collar with her ID tag. We took everything back home and I taught my son how to use some of the things we had gotten. The thing that has surprised me the most about cats is how clean they are.

The only thing they need is their sandbox and they are good to go. You have to clean the sandbox frequently, but the sand makes it a very easy task. Cats are very affectionate friends and they love being around people. They are the biggest couch potatoes. So, if you are thinking about having a movie Friday at home, he will probably be your best friend there.

One thing that I found out about cats is that they are constantly hunting. We all know cats are well-known for being stealthy. They can be seen fine-tuning their hunting skills in the house. Mine goes a little crazy if she sees an insect in the yard. She will go into this “predator” mode and try to sneak up on the insect to see if she can catch her next meal.

One of the animals that cats like to hunt are birds. People who have cats at homes, especially more than one, are cautious when introducing a bird to the family. Cats are very often silent, so you will not know your cat is trying to get to your bird until he or she is very close. Well, the following video gives a whole new twist to this theory. This cat loves to play with his best friend who happens to be a bird, and the Internet is loving every single moment of it!