Dad asks his 2 dogs about a chaos at home. What the second one does? I’m cracking up!

Nothing relieves the stress of a hard day at work like watching cute pet videos. These days with the use of modern technology it’s easy to capture and share all the funny things our pets do. This particular dog is quite guilty and tries to get himself out of a mess and the result is pretty cute and very funny. This video is no stranger to the internet. It was posted in 2011 and went viral, but even if you’ve seen it before, it is so worth watching again!
The star of the show is Denver, a yellow Labrador famous on social media several times over. She was pretty young when this video was recorded and her guilty reaction is still one of the most amusing I’ve ever seen. I’m so in love with this dog. Watch this video and you’ll fall love with this charismatic character yourself.

Denver has a very expressive face and can’t hide her guilt when dad asks her and her siblings a question about something that happened in the house. He asks each dog, one at a time, and when he gets to Denver, you won’t believe her reaction.

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