When Dad Questions This Dog About The Mess He Made, Keep Your Eyes On His Face

We have all seen how guilty dogs react when they make a mess and are questioned about it, but their expression is often so funny or cute, we don’t have the strength to punish them afterwards. They are really innocent creatures and can’t lie or hide the truth because their face tells everything. There are a lot of guilty dog videos on the internet but nothing can beat the guilty dog in this video. His guilt is just written all over his face and quite literally too! Wait till the end when the owner finds the dog. You’ve never seen a dog look like this before.

In this clip, when dad came home, he found the mess all over the kitchen and the living room carpet. He saw that the packet of the food colouring was shredded and some of the food colouring tubes were empty. Apparently, the culprit’s favourite colour is green. But who could have done this? Well, he followed the trail of the mess and found his dog sitting coolly on the couch, waiting for him. But when he began to ask if ‘he’ was the one who made the mess, this owner couldn’t stop laughing when he saw his dog’s face, and neither could I!

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