When Dad Said “Go!”, He Didn’t Expect For The Dog To Join The Race!

Summer is already here, and the hot days that we’ve been having recently are a sign of warning for preparation. The best way to cool down on a scorching hot day is, without a doubt, splashing and swimming in a nice pool, or any amount of water for that matter. People who live in hot places usually have a pool for themselves so that they can cool off on difficult days, but did you know that dogs love them as well? The pup in the video below definitely does!

You might not know it already, but most dogs of any breed love playing in the water when the day is hot. Sure, bathing usually doesn’t get them all that excited, but splashing in puddles, pools, and water sprinklers? They can never get enough of that! And many of them are amazing swimmers, so there’s little that can be done to stop them from joining in the water fun times.

The video that we featured for you just below shows a fun compilation of many clips of videos enjoying water fun in many different ways. The way they play and swim in the water, filled with joy, makes me happy just from seeing them! I can only wish that I can do some of these activities with my dogs in this summer!

Watch it for yourself right below, it’s definitely worth it!

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