Daddy shares sweetest musical moments with daughter by his side

Daddy playing piano

Paul Barton is a fantastic pianist and a wonderful father. He loves his daughter Emilie a lot. When Emilie was born, Paul had decided to record her growing together with him.

They stay in Yorkshire, England, and are a happy family. Paul loves to play the piano, and it seems like his daughter Emilie feels the same. You can see her enjoying the music on the piano, even as a baby.

Further, into the moments she has grown up and looks almost a year old. Emilie enjoys her father playing the piano while she is listening to the music silently in her crib.

Daddy playing piano

Paul always has her daughter by his side, even if he has to play the piano with one hand. It shows how responsible he is as a father and his love for his lovely daughter Emilie.

Emilie loves Paul playing the piano and even falls asleep. Music is like a lullaby and makes her sleep calmly. She feels safe when the piano is playing and is sound asleep.

She is gradually growing up and now is a toddler. Paul and Emilie have a very close father-daughter bond. They can’t stay away from each other. Paul loves to hold Emilie in his arms and dances and sings with her. The little toddler can be smiling in her father’s arms. Emilie is now 5 years old and is attentively listening to her father playing the piano in his lap. She understands the music and makes hand gestures showing that she can even dance to the tune.

Emilie is so fond of music that she even does her studies while her father plays the piano. She is now confident enough to sing and does not shy away from showing her skills. The moments shared by the father and daughter show how much they love each other.

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