This Dedicated Snowboarder Saw A Stranded Horse In The Freezing Mountains. When He Went Closer To It? WOW!

We love our birthdays. Nowadays it is a very popular practice to celebrate your birthday in as grand a way as possible. Many people will throw a large birthday party for themselves, others like to go on exotic vacations. This featured video is about someone who did the later.

Rafael Pease is a huge snowboarding fan and so the best way he could think possible to celebrate his 21 birthday was to go snowboarding. But he didn’t want to go snowboarding just anywhere, Pease wanted to go snowboarding in Chile on a mountain that is known for its amazing powder amongst snowboarders and skiers alike.

However, once Pease and his friend were heading down the mountain on their first run Pease spotted something. What he thought was a small rock actually turned out to be a partially buried horse. The horse had been caught in a snow storm and ended up getting stuck where he was.

Pease and his friend dug the horse out and were able to create a harness to lead it back down the mountain. Once in the town they were quickly able to find the horses owner and return the horse to him. The man claimed that the horse had been let out to pasture to enjoy its retirement, something the owner may be rethinking now.

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