It’s Dinner Time For Three Precious Kittens. Now Keep An Eye On the One On The Left. PRECIOUS!

We all love animals. I mean really what’s not to love about them? They are so fascinating to us that we really can’t seem to get enough of them. We literally spend hours each week seeking out any information we can get on them including facts we manage to find online and then there are the videos that we look up.

Because of how popular animals are animal videos are online in abundance. Millions of new videos are uploaded every week online so that whenever you’d like to see an animal video all you have to do is go online and type in what you want to watch and there it is, right before your eyes. It’s really quite impressive at how much subject material we have right at our fingertips, but we make sure that we watch as many of these as possible.

It is from looking at these videos that we were able to find this adorably cute video that is featured below. In this video you will see three tiny kittens. Their names are Johnny, Sweet Pea and Rocky and they are more than just a little cute. These three cuties are being hand fed from tiny nursing bottles and they seem to have the practice down to a science.

When their mom has them all lined up and has given them their bottles they are so excited that they all just lay there and grip their own individual bottles as tightly as they can and just go to town on the milk. They seem to think that the faster they drink their milk the better and they certainly aren’t wasting any time. The one little kitten even seems to be chewing on the nipple of the bottle rather than sucking because it is so excited for the milk.

This is one video that is cuteness overload, that’s for sure!

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