If This Doesn’t Make You Laugh, You’re Definitely Missing Out

Ahh, the wonders of being young! The following video shows how growing up affects us deeply, by showing adults turning themselves into babies for a day! The amazing party that ensues is surely something to behold. You should see what happens! And don’t miss the baby that drinks chocolate milk. It’s too adorable to be true!

And when you think you’ve already had your dose of adorableness and the video is coming to an end, an old lady walking her elderly dog walks by the magical window that was turning everyone into a baby, and she transforms into a young toddler with a puppy. It’s just too much! The reactions of the people walking by and seeing themselves transformed in the mirror are really interesting to watch. They are overjoyed to be dancing with a much younger, and much cuter, version of themselves.

And what happens next will surely get a laugh out of you. Just wait and see it. It’s no wonder why this video has already reached tens of millions of views after it went viral. Adorable videos like this one, even if they are commercials, never fail to amuse the hearts of people all over the world. I just think it might be the cutest commercial ever released! Those advertisers surely know how to please us, although I’m not sure a bottle of water could ever make me feel that young again.

But what did you think about it? Watch the video for yourself right below, and if you think it’s adorable, share it with your friends on your social networks!

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