Dog With Horribly-Matted Hair Comes Into Shelter. Wait Until You See What Groomer Does.

I sometimes want to cry when watching these animal rescue videos. The dogs come in with some of the most painful looking matted hair. This is because they can’t groom themselves. I can’t imagine the pain that they endured walking around. Thank goodness there are people out there who want to help these dogs. Groomed shelter dogs have a much better chance at being adopted. Take a look at this video to see one such transformation.

Lizzie came to the San Jose Animal Shelter in a bad state – well, from the outside, at least. Her hair was so matted that she looked like a completely different breed of dog. Yes, there are some dogs that have naturally matted hair like that. As a teen, I used to walk one that lived in my building, a Puli. Her hair looked like she had black dreadlocks and her name was Whoopi. Yes, like Ms. Goldberg from “The View”. Lizzie was NOT a Puli and this was not a natural state for her hair.

The groomer had a formidable task to undertake. Lizzie’s hair was so matted that she had to be sedated… otherwise she would be yelping in pain every three seconds when the clippers sheared off more hair. They flip her from side to side like the page of a book. She’s got a tube down her throat the whole time. It looks like they take off enough hair to build an entire new dog to go along with her.

The thing that amazed me most about Lizzie’s transformation is that when you first saw her, you wouldn’t know that she had the type of ears that show up at the end result. Her hair is such a massive helmet on her head that it obscures her ears. It was just something that struck me at the end, when they showed the “new” Lizzie. I was like “Huh!” They looked like those ears that you see on uncropped schnauzers. Nothing wrong with the look though, she’s adorable!

Did you like how she looked at the end of the video? Would you adopt her kennelmate too? They look like they make a good pair there. What do you think? Leave a comment below. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook .

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