Dog lost for 6 days – you won’t believe her reaction when reunited with her owner

Where would we be without our four-legged friends – and where would they be without us?! It’s always heart-breaking to see dogs on the streets, trying to fend for themselves with no forever home and parents to love and take care of them. But what happens when a dog does have such a home – and then gets totally lost? This is an incredible tale of one pooch’s terrifying experience!

Xiao-Mei was as ever by her dad’s side as the two of them went to get groceries one morning. The faithful hound was never too far away from her owner’s heel as they did a regular shopping run, which they had done on so many occasions before. Unfortunately, on this particular morning, things would work out a little differently. Xiao-Mei got spooked when locals set off fireworks in the vicinity. As most dogs are scared of those loud bangs, setting them off in the street close by had the poor pooch utterly terrified, and she fled the scene.

To make matter’s worse, she couldn’t remember how to get home, and as a result, she was wandering the streets alone for an astonishing six days! Can you imagine what that must have been like for the frightened pooch? All alone in the big wide world, trying to find her own food, perhaps encountering other street dogs, with no idea where her home or human is? We’re tearing up just thinking about it!

Thankfully, although Xiao-Mei couldn’t remember where she actually lived, she somehow made her way to a friend’s house. It took her an awfully long time to get there – but she made it. It was then that her owner was notified, and sped across town on his moped to be reunited with his best friend. And we’re incredibly lucky that he filmed the encounter and his adorable animal’s reaction. Get those tissues ready!

When Xiao-Mei spots her human for the first time in six days, we can’t imagine the outpouring of emotion, relief, and elation that went through her furry little body! You’ll see for yourself that it actually appears she is crying real tears! The once lost puppy has now been found and is going back to a loving home – instead of facing a life on the streets like so many of her unlucky brothers and sisters are forced to do.

Watch this incredible moment below – and be ready for those glassy eyes!