Dog Picks Kitten From Shelter To Be Her Best Friend..Awww.

Cats and dogs are known to have a turbulent past. Nobody can say that they’re natural friends. Dogs chase cats and cats just hiss and scare away the hounds. But this temperamental relationship was tested when a Tamaskan puppy was taken to the rescue shelter to help in choosing a new pet.

When Raven, the puppy saw Woodhouse, the kitten, they both hit it off immediately! It was like they knew each other from a previous life! The kitten found her forever home and Raven found a new friend to play with.

Watch how close these two are as they both drink from the same bowl. I’ve never seen this happen before and this sight absolutely amazed me! This incredible video may be short, but it conveys so much in that length of time. I love the way they both enjoy each other’s company and how the kitten trustingly looks at Raven after the puppy is done lapping up water from the bowl.

The video sends out such a great message – about how various species can get along, even though the natural instinct is to get at each other. These two best buddies have found true friendship in the unlikeliest of places. What did you think of the video? Did you ever think that a dog and a cat could be friends, forget about a puppy choosing a kitten to be her best friend? I didn’t! Write in and let us know in the comments section below!

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