Drew Barrymore’s oldest daughter is all grown up and looks like her twin!

Child actresses have a long and hard road to become famous. There have been a lot of cases where we have seen many child stars grow to legitimate celebrities. Not all children can become Natalie Portman or Judy Garland, most young child stars fall victim to the trappings of show business before they can even claim a legitimate ascension to fame. Drew Barrymore is one of the very few who managed to beat the odds.

You are probably wondering why was it that after Drew was on her way to fame and stardom we suddenly started to see much less of her. Drew is no longer interested in being in front of the camera acting in movies. Now, she has turned her attention to producing. She understands the trappings of fame as she struggled with them while she was growing up and becoming famous at the same time.

One of the things she did was start a very successful cosmetics line known as Flower Beauty. This was a project of hers since her early acting days. She is a dedicated businesswoman and has grown to manage her time wisely. Drew also became a proud mother to two little girls who are currently enrolled in preschool.

For people like me who has a regular 9 to 5, I cannot imagine where she finds the time to manage her schedule. I mean, I finish work at about 4, but with children to raise, I barely feel I have enough time to take care of everything. I heard she is so busy, that she often takes her daughters to the beauty salon with her. She recently shared a picture of her with her daughter Olive on her Instagram page. When people saw the image, they could not get past the fact that her oldest daughter looks exactly like her!

Because Drew grew up with paparazzi following her where ever she went, she has made sure her daughters are kept from the prying eyes of the general public. Do you remember how Drew looked like when she starred in classic films like E.T. and Firestarter? Well, her oldest daughter has the same looks as her famous mother at that age.

If I didn’t know better and saw this picture of Drew with Olive, I would assume this was a promotional picture from the beginnings of her famous career. Olive is not the only daughter of famous parents that ended up looking exactly like them. Another case is Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava who looks like a ‘mini-me’ version of her famous mother.