Elvis & Ann-Margret Sing A Sixties Film Classic That’ll Warm Your Heart

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret always had unmistakable on-screen chemistry, and this adorable duet from the 1964 feature film Viva Las Vegas is one of the most memorable musical performances of all history showcasing it perfectly.

Elvis and Ann-Margret in HD singing the duet “The Lady Loves Me” from Viva Las Vegas in 1964 is a performance that time will never forget, with video quality that’s so good that it looks like it was recorded yesterday.

The back and forth in this duet between two of the greatest stars of their era is a heartwarming treat that comes with some of the wittiest songwriting ever heard.

Viva Las Vegas is a movie that was filled with great moments, but no one will ever forget this classic where Elvis ends up in the swimming pool.