Enjoy An ‘Acoustic Christmas’ As The Amazing Tyler Ward & Skylar Stecker Sing ‘Let It Snow’

Let It Snow' Performed As A Duet By- Tyler Ward & Skylar Stecker From The 'Acoustic Christmas Album'Tyler Ward’s ‘Acoustic Christmas’ brings together a collaboration between him on guitar & Skylar Stecker as they sing their rendition of ‘Let It, Snow.’ The two stars meld into a harmony that’s not only festive but flawless as well.

With voices that sound that beautiful together, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought you’d just heard an angel. This male-female duet delivers rich sound and a light-hearted upbeat melody. It’s easily good enough to take a permanent place on any Christmas playlist.

Don’t miss this amazing cover of Vaughn Monroe’s hit ‘Let It Snow’ by Tyler Ward & Skylar Stecker. These two never let you down, with heartwarming tracks that are perfect for raising Christmas cheer during your Christmas countdown, or on the big day itself!