Family of 7 adds 6 more kids. judge sees to it that there is justice

Having a family can certainly bring its challenges, especially when there are seven of you, but this didn’t matter to Christopher and Christina Sanders, the Forrest Park, Georgia couple who decided to foster 6 more children to increase their family to 13.

Now, some people would consider this to be a little out of line. I remember growing up with two older brothers, life sometimes felt a little too crowded in the house. One of my friends had 5 brothers and sister, and his house always appeared to be in chaos. He would complain to me that what he wanted more was to have privacy. It didn’t matter if you closed the door, there would always be someone going into or out of your room at all times.

It’s not every day that a family is born in a court room, but that was about to change as you will see in the clip below. “We made an agreement” said Christina in court, “That whoever we get, we will keep them and not send them to different houses” an agreement that has certainly been kept by the very special couple.

There were already what many people would consider to be a large family, with a total of seven, not many people would consider even adding one or two more people to the family. But, the Sanders family wasn’t your typical family. They were a family that had a lot of love to give.

The six new additions to the Sanders family are all blood siblings, ranging in ages from 16 to 9 they have settled into their new family as if they were their own blood. “She’s the sweetest sister ever, and I love her so much” said Caitlin of her new sibling Chloe, they even wore the same outfit to the court hearing.

The new family of 13 lit up the courtroom with their charm and smiles as the Magistrate read his Judgment to the family and friends that had gathered for this special occasion. It’s the happiest this courtroom has ever been was the opinion of those there to witness this historical moment, even the local media were there to tell the world of the story of this so special of families.

Not all adoption or foster parent cases turn out like this one, but the Sanders family, with a lot of help from friends and their church, have given this fairy tale story the happiest of endings. If we all had the attitude and caring of this very special family, the world would be a far better place.

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