Father and daughter duo perform their original song ‘Believe In Something’

Father and daughter duo Mat and Savannah Shaw sang their amazing original song ‘Believe In Something.’ The music video opened with a piano sitting under white light.

It begins with a slow melodic tune from the pianist, and Mat walks out into the frame. He looks straight into the camera and begins to sing in his deep angelic voice.

As Mat stares straight ahead, a light mist surrounds him. His voice is strong, profound, and unwavering. Savannah then appears beside Mat and begins to sing on her own.

When the light hits Savannah, it looks like she has a halo around her. Her voice is angelic, and she smiles as she performs. Father and daughter look at each other when they sing together.

Their voices blend together perfectly, and other people’s faces are suddenly shown. Each has different expressions ranging from sad, stoic, thought, and emotional. Some have tears in their eyes.

Mat and Savannah and then joined by all these people. They form an epic choir and sing along with the duo. It is an epic finale to the uplifting and life-changing song.

The piano is surrounded by smiles and tears of joy from the singers. After the instruments cease, the song finishes with the voices of angels. Everyone was given something to believe in.

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Father and daughter duo perform their original song ‘Believe In Something’