Father Realizes His Daughter Will Be Flying On Halloween. His Solution Is So Amazing.

Parents all over the world have experienced something like this: Life interfering with a young child’s holiday experience. It could be Christmas, Halloween, you name it. They may be in an airplane, a car, a train, a meeting that goes way over the allotted time and a tone-deaf boss who still refuses to let them go. It’s a terrible feeling, knowing that you’re upsetting a child. But there are ways to still make it better. Like what we see in this video.

It began with a father who was traveling with his three-year-old girl Molly from Boston to California. It was on Halloween and she was looking forward to trick or treating. Oops. Six hours in the air would kind of get them there too late. So he did the next best thing, handing out candy to fellow passengers, along with a note explaining the situation. Molly then went up and down the aisles, collecting it.

I like hearing stories like this or those who hand out notes in advance if they are flying with a crying baby. Yes, there’s a risk that you will wind up with a crying baby near you, but it does help if the parents are at least honest about knowing that they will be subjecting others to their baby’s discomfort. The man in this story is a father who truly cares about his daughter’s feelings. She’ll be in good hands for life.

This dad would win Dad of the Year, if there was such an award. He’ll have to settle for winning it in his own family, which is more than enough for him. Though it does make for an excellent rebuttal when she’s a teenager. “What do you mean I’m not a caring dad? Do I have to show you the ‘Trick or Treating On An Aiplane’ video again? Hey, don’t slam that door in my face! Sigh.”

Wasn’t this the coolest thing ever that the dad did? I haven’t traveled on Halloween, but if I do so in the future, I might grab this idea too.