Father wants to save memories of year-old daughter. I loved what he did.

Some parents love to chronicle the lives of their kids through photo albums. Others take copious amount of video. Anything that helps them preserve the memory of what it was like when their kids were young. Many of them tend to return to these memories when their children are surly teenagers, to remind them that their kids were once young and innocent. Then there’s what Michael Haegele did with his daughter, Ella.

The video chronicles Ella’s first year, from a couple of sonogram photos to her being brought home to a second each day. It’s amazing watching this little peanut grow to a plump, happy baby. I wonder how the parents felt after watching this video. Did they see the growth that happened or was it so subtle as to be almost unnoticeable? I think I noticed changes in my son maybe once a week to two weeks.

At one point in the video, Ella gets a rash on her face. That is because she is fighting neonatal lupus and systolic dysfunction over the first five months of her life. As you can see, her face clears up in a couple of weeks and she starts putting on the baby weight soon thereafter. Michael, her daddy, says that she’s all healthy now. Yay! It’s always scary when something happens to your little one.

This video is so sweet, but it also gives me a lump in my throat knowing that time passes by so fast. I saw my own son in this video, remembering when he was an infant and then it suddenly seemed like he became a year old in the blink of an eye. The point is, treasure every moment that you spend with your child because they get older so quickly, and you can’t get that time back.

What did you think of this? Did it make you flash back to the times when you had your own children? Did the time fly by for you? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comments section below!