When This Film First Appeared On The Big Screen In 1959, It Blew Us All Away. One Scene In Particular!

A remake occurs when something is made again or differently. When it comes to movies, a remake is a movie or piece of music that has been filmed or recorded again and rereleased.

The idea behind remaking a classic film is something we understand well. Quite often we find ourselves reminiscing about the Good Old Days, longing to relive those memories and feelings.

For many of us, movies played a large role in shaping our thoughts on the past, so it’s easy to see why classic movies are so often remade.

Sometimes, it doesn’t always work out well. However, there’s one upcoming remake that provides the best of both worlds: the epic story and nostalgic feeling of the classic mixed with the technological advancements in movie magic, and some of the finest actors and storytellers of this generation.

Of course, we’re talking about the 2016 release of Ben-Hur!

Ben-Hur is a 2016 American epic historical action drama film directed by Timur Bekmambetov and written by Keith Clarke and John Ridley. It is the fifth film adaptation of the 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace following the 1907 silent film, the 1925 silent film, the Academy Award-winning 1959 film and the 2003 animated film of the same name. It has been termed a “re-adaptation”, “reimagining”, and “new interpretation” of the novel.

The film stars Jack Huston, Morgan Freeman, Toby Kebbell, Nazanin Boniadi, Haluk Bilginer and Rodrigo Santoro.

What do you think of the film “Ben Hur” being remade for the fifth time? Do you think this will be better than the others? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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