Friendly deer and snowman sit down for a nice dinner

You have to eat your veggies during dinner. This friendly deer finds a snowman that is willing to help with that task.

Nature in the wintertime is fun and unpredictable. Deer’s in particular seem to be extra mischievous during this period while hunting for food. As they explore new areas, they come across new things.

It just so happens that one of the new things a deer ran into was a snowman. She looked at it curiously, unsure of why it was alone.

As she examined it from top to bottom, her nose got a whiff of a familiar scent. Without hesitation, the deer nibbled on the snowman’s nose. It was a welcome surprise, so she didn’t stop there.

She went through the snowman like a pinata, but couldn’t find any more food. It was still a great find, and now the deer has a story to tell her kin.

The deer munching on the snowman was caught on camera. It was a great way to see nature being curious about new things in its territory. Snowmen have now become a vending machine for deer’s, and there is nothing wrong with that!

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Friendly deer and snowman sit down for a nice dinner