Friendly deer barges in on interview with police officer who helped him

Since there was a wooded area nearby, the Texas homeowner couldn’t have been all that surprised when he saw a deer standing there on his patio. The curious thing is that there was some kind of cord wrapped around one of the deer’s antlers and it was almost as if he’d come to the house to ask for help. Figuring there was no way he was going to be able to help this visitor by himself, the man called the local police department for backup.

Minutes later, officer Kevin Zieschang was on the scene and he was able to gently remove the cord from the deer’s antler. It was astonishing enough that the deer allowed him to do this but afterward, the deer didn’t run away. Instead, he stayed put. You could only conclude that the deer understood these were nice people and it would be impolite to leave right away! “I tried to spook him to get him to run back out in the woods and he wasn’t having it. He wanted to hang out with us.”

The story soon made its way into the local news and several days later, Officer Zieschang was back at the house with a TV news reporter. In the middle of the interview, who suddenly appeared but that very same deer! Did he somehow know they were talking about him? The deer walked right up to the police officer who’d been so helpful. “Ah, he’s a good kid. I’m going to call him Uncle Buck, that’s my name for him.”

This friendly deer became something of a neighborhood celebrity but much as everyone liked him, it was clear that he was too unafraid of people for his own good. It was time for an early retirement from life in the wild: Uncle Buck was sent to an animal sanctuary to live happily ever after.

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