Frozen with fear, a Chihuahua ends up helping with his own rescue

A call came in about a terribly frightened Chihuahua who was living on a main road between the Los Angeles River (not an idyllic scene: the river flows in a concrete channel) and some railroad tracks. Eldad Hagar and his assistants Loreta Frankonyte and Lisa Arturo soon came to the rescue.

The mean streets of Los Angeles are no place for stray dogs and yet there are all too many out there. Hope For Paws is one group that does what it can to help. Eldad and his wife Audrey founded it in 2008 and in its early years, it operated mostly under the radar. But once they started posting rescue videos online, they began to get a lot of attention and praise.

Lisa spotted the Chihuahua, who was out in the open but fairly well camouflaged. Eldad realized that they were going to have to be careful: “I knew that if I scare him, he will run towards the railroad tracks, or towards the busy road, or straight into the river.” The strange thing is that the dog saw right through Eldad’s attempt to sneak up on him but didn’t react. By the time the little dog attempted to make a break for it, it was too late: Eldad had the net over him. The poor dog, who they named Diesel, was petrified with fear. Eldad gave him some pats on the head to reassure him that everything was going to be alright. As they said, it was ten seconds of stress so he could enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

After the rescuers got their famous “Lucky Leash” on Diesel, it wasn’t long before he was doing a lot better. Indeed, as you’ll see in the video posted below, he was looking very happy and healthy once he moved into his foster home, at least if all that tail wagging meant anything.

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