This Grandmother Was Forced By An Attacker, But A Navy Vet Was In The Same Parking And Help Her

One ordinary morning, this 76-year-old woman walked quietly in a parking lot, when suddenly she felt a hit on her back that knocked her to the floor. At that moment, the woman realized that she was being victim of an aggressor, and that she probably would not get up and scape from the scene. She was shopping at Winn-Dixie in Florida, already finished and headed to her car when the attack happened.

The aggressor wanted to steal her purse. And most impressive, the man who was trying to steal this old woman was trying to do it in broad daylight, not caring to endanger the woman.

Rosemary, as the grandmother of this story is called, started screaming for help as the man tried to steal her purse. He tried to cover the woman’s mouth with his hands and try to push her into a car. At that moment, Kendrick Taylor, a 24-year-old college student at Full Sail University, was just passing through, as he headed for the gym that was in the mall near the place. This young man was in the right place at the right time. And Kendrick, he’s not the kind of guy you’re going to want to fight with at some point.

If you see him for the first time, Kendrick looks like a really tough guy, and he is a navy veteran. He was invited to Ellen’s show, and he said that when he was passing by, he had a feeling, immediately took off the hearing aids he was wearing and could hear that he was right after hearing the woman’s cries for help and fighting with the aggressor. Kendrick did not think and immediately rushed to help the woman who was in trouble.

Then the aggressor tried to escape from the scene running away from the place but Kendrick caught up with him and threw him to the ground, and kept him in that position until the police arrived. Other people had already called 911 for help. Watch this exciting video, we are sure you will love it. Do not forget to leave your comments!

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