Her Husband Is Experiencing Terrible Pains But She’s Cracking Up. When I Saw Why? LOL!

We hope you had a special Mother’s Day for that mother in your life. Whether you are married to a great mom, love the mom who blessed you with life, or are a mother yourself, it is a special holiday to recognize.

But in this 4-minute video, one mother wants her husband to give her a truly extraordinary Mother’s Day gift. She wants this father to experience what it really means to be a mother… He has no idea what he is in for.

Penn and his wife are at the hospital so he can experience what the labor pains of motherhood are really like.

So dad dons a birthing gown and the doctor puts an electric shocker on this stomach to simulate the pains of labor in the woman’s uterus during birth. Penn lies back onto the hospital bed and spreads his legs just like a pregnant mom would.

“Instead of getting your uterus muscles to contract, we’re going to get your rectus muscles to contract,” the doctor says as he places electrodes on dad’s skin.

But at the 1-minute mark, Penn starts to feel the early stages of labor pain. It’s already getting to him…

“You’re doing a great job honey,” his wife says.

“I felt mad at you the whole time. You weren’t doing anything except trying to support me,” Penn says to his wife, “but you didn’t understand what was going on right now.”

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