This Husky Was Too Old To Have Puppies And Thanks To A Miracle She Was Able To Be A Mom

Interspecies friendships are always amazing the true proof that friendship and love can overcome anything! The love between this old Siberian husky and her adopted cat is amazing. I personally have seen many unlikely duos in my lifetime. For example, cats and dogs that were raised together and learn to be best friends despite their different personalities is one example. Another is that of an elephant and a dog who are best friends on a sanctuary and play together every day.

Meet Lilo the Siberian Husky. She is far too old to have any puppies of her own. But when Mom and Dad brought home a tiny kitten, Lilo immediately became attached. From watching this video, it is clear that Lilo would have been a great Mom, but now she gets her chance and it seems she finds it very rewarding.

Rosie the kitten is a foster cat, and Lillo quickly formed lasting bonds with her. But Rosie was only small when they got her so after a big first night she was tuckered out.

When she lay down and cuddled up to Lilo to have a nap, no one wanted to bother the tiny kitty. Mom and Dad say that Lilo has always had a strong mothering instinct. Now she gets to exercise it. These two make such a sweet pair as you will see in this next clip.

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