Johnny Carson’s best moments on ‘The Tonight Show’ deliver timeless comedy

Johnny Carson

‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ is an iconic part of television history. This video features some of the best moments on Johnny’s beloved late-night show. His interview style, facial expressions, and comedic timing are displayed throughout.

Johnny Carson

Considering the show ran for over 25 years, you can assume the entertainment is great fun. Johnny interviews celebrities, children, and even animals! His natural style makes you feel like you are watching your friend.

Over the years, he came into all of our homes and entertained us after a long day. It was the perfect nightcap to America’s evening. Some commenters even claimed to have fallen asleep to Johnny’s voice every night.

One clip features a child asking Johnny how to make a coin disappear, to which Johnny responds, ‘You get married!’ The live studio audience laughs at each joke with great intensity.

Some of the best moments feature Johnny with animals. He feeds them, and they make a mess of his suit. The animals climb all over Johnny, even on his head. They also jump on Johnny’s sidekick Ed McMahon!

Johnny Carson

These classic clips are taken from ‘The Tonight Show’s’ 25th-anniversary episode. A compilation of all the best moments. We get a glimpse of young Ed and Johnny in the 1970s.

Johnny entertains by his interviews, but he is also seen in costume impersonating the likes of Willie Nelson. He participates in skits with guests and even some stunts and gags. ‘The Tonight Show’ always entertained us, and these clips are a great reminder of how funny Johnny was every night!

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Johnny Carson\'s best moments on \'The Tonight Show\' deliver timeless comedy