The judge reads her parking ticket. She starts laughing, and the judge does this!

Ever since the 90’s, I’ve become a fan of televised court cases. You know, cases where famous judges like Judge Judy and others listened to the most outrageous cases, examine the evidence and give their verdicts. The first show that I became a fan of was ‘Divorce Court’. This show gave the audience a chance to sit in a real trial and watch everything unfold under the judge’s watchful eye.

Some of the cases were what you would call ‘normal’, but there were other cases that were crazy. There was one case where the husband had left his family for many years. It was one of those cases where he had gone to the convenience store in the middle of the night, only to vanish. His wife had filed a missing person’s report, and after a couple of years, she had given up on finding him.

She contacted his family and felt that they were actually hiding him or at least, were not telling her all the truth. When she found him, he was living in another house, with another family. She filed for divorce, but he didn’t want to give it to her. His allegations were that he had suffered an accident and hit his head, that’s right! He had even brought some ‘experts’ to confirm his story.

According to what he said, he had had a memory blackout and couldn’t remember who he was or what he was doing in the middle of the night. He managed to walk to another house where the woman opened the door and gave him a hand. With time, they fell in love and even started a family. So, the woman who was in the courtroom was a stranger to him (or at least that was what he was convinced of).

The judge would not be fooled. The judge questioned the alleged experts, and she found that they were not that qualified. They were even friends with him, showing an obvious conflict of interest. Then, when the attorney questioned the second wife, she said she had known him for about 8 years and that they both had a long-time relationship. Well, you can imagine what happened next…

If that case was crazy, it has nothing on the case in the following video. This case is presided by a judge whose rulings have gone viral for being out of the ordinary. This woman is trying to defend herself in a case where she parked in a no-parking zone, where she would have to pay a ticket that was issued to her. The woman starts laughing and then the judge stuns everyone (including myself) with his decision. Take a look!