Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With Pentatonix For A Christmas Surprise And Makes Us All Teary-Eyed

Pentatonix and ClarksonKelly Clarkson has joined up with the stars of the fabulous Pentatonix group for a Christmas musical collaboration. Together they have delivered a powerful rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s hit song, “My Grown Up Christmas”.

You will remember Kelly’s humble beginnings as a winning competitor on the televised reality show, American Idol, and now look at her! Same with her friends from Pentatonix, they too have taken the world by storm.

Pentatonix and ClarksonThe collaborative rendition was sung for the benefit of one unsuspecting couple in a restaurant in Las Vegas. The result is a genuinely beautiful serenade. A real Christmas surprise!

The talented vocalists that make up the mega-group, Pentatonix, are renowned for their singing of traditional Christmas numbers. But Clarkson, too, loves the holiday season and she has a couple of festive season hits that have a special place in her heart, including “Winter Dreams: Brandon’s Song” and “Every Christmas”, both of which feature on her Christmas album. She wrote these songs from the depths of her heart and they hold great meaning for her.

It is now, with a family of her own that Clarkson realizes Christmas is not just about the gifts and the feasting but is more a time of sharing and spending time with your loved ones.

Kelly is literally the greatest singer since Whitney Houston. Her range and vocals are truly remarkable, but Pentatonix was the icing on the cake. Beautiful video! Enjoy the heart-warming video clip, and help yourself to a little more Christmas cheer this season.