Two unexpected superheros saved a baby from danger at a park!

One of the most terrible crimes that a person can commit besides murder is to confine another person against her or his will. This action is legally called Kidnapping, and it can be done to obtain ransom money in exchange for the victim’s release. There have been a lot of cases regarding this type of criminal behavior around the world, many of them for different reasons such as revenge, sexual harassment, mental illness, drugs, political issues and the most common of all “Money”.

We frequently found that the victims were being followed by their aggressors with a lot of anticipation, studying their normal behavior and daily activities in order to select the best moment to attack them. There is also a convenience factor in which the kidnapper chooses the most vulnerable or weak victim such as elders, women, small children, and babies. Parents are now more aware of this potential threat to their families and are being more careful and constantly monitoring their kids.

Open areas where the relatives are forced to give the children some freedom are the most common places preferred by the kidnappers, sometimes is a matter of seconds from the moment mom or dad loses attention until a stranger abduct their kid, even something as simple as writing a message or checking a social network could be the necessary amount of time to let this happen.

Nearby schools, playgrounds or day care facilities can be another window of opportunity to perform this felony, give toys and candies to the children is a strategy to win their trust before they take their liberty away. None of this would be a serious problem if an adult were always present in the area, so it is extremely important to know exactly in which hands you are delegating your children’s life.

But not all the stories are terrible, sometimes the cops and special task forces prevent the crime from happening even before it starts or in other cases the victims take the necessary courage to defend themselves and run away from their capturer.

In one particular story, an outstanding demonstration of family love was shown by a brother of 10 and a sister of 8 years old, named Brenden and Delicia respectively. The two children were playing outside at a park with their baby brother Owen when something horrible happened.

A fifteen-year-old teenager grabbed Owen without reason and started to run away with him, he probably walked around the area looking for a good moment to take his victim. When he noticed these kids were truly alone and there were no signs of their parents he decided to make his move, taking the little Owen in his arms. What he wasn’t expecting was the extreme reaction of the child’s siblings.

Brenden and Delicia immediately chased the guy screaming out loud that their baby brother was kidnapped. As incredible it might be seen they didn’t give up and went after him as fast as they could, some of the witnesses said: “This little girl comes running around the corner screaming her head off”. When two of the local teenagers heard Delicia, they started to chase them too and fortunately the kidnapper was effectively detained. Another day was saved and it appears that these two kids didn’t have the time to change their outfit before, but they are still Superheros. Click the video below and enjoy this wonderful story.