This Kitty Is One Of A Kind! Watch How He Enjoys Life!

What’s more adorable than a kitten? How about a kitten with crazy acrobatic skills? This little orange kitten right here has no fear of humans, but she does have fear of mediocrity.

It seems to be her opinion that merely walking to humans out of her cage is a waste of time. It’s not nearly exciting enough and she wants nothing to do with that type of boring behavior. In fact, she wants to have fun in life. She wants to jump and show off and entertain.

So she does. When a man tries to coax her out of her cage, she hesitates as if to say to him, “Move, I’ll come to you my own way,” and then she does. Just in case you thought this was a one-time thing, she does it a second time to prove that she has no interest in being boring. She likes to jump, so she will do all the jumping she wants.

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