Lady Purrl finds her forever family that loves her dearly

A 9-week old kitten born with twisted legs has already made an impact on many. Little Lady Purrl has a charm and charisma that far outweighs everything else.

Lady Purrl was born with a spinal cord injury that caused her legs to twist. Despite this, she has managed to live her life with a vivacious personality and charisma that can draw you in.

At nine months old, she has finally found a family that she’s always wanted to call her own. And it’s all thanks to Alaska’s KAAT and Mojo’s Hope for helping animals with special needs like Lady Purll find a forever family.

But despite her limitations, she can pull off the same tricks and feats like the rest of the cats in the world. Who says that she couldn’t do that with crooked legs?

Her family includes some other cats and a dog. They wasted no time welcoming her with open arms.

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