This Little Cat Does The MOST Unexpected Thing When He Comes Across A Vacuum Cleaner! LOL!

Pets add a bit more happiness into our lives. You never know what to expect from them. Sometimes, they could stun you by riding a bike and sometimes by messing with the vacuum cleaner. Like this adorable kitten does! This cute little guy in the video is a daily source of entertainment for his family, but wait till you see how!

Cats are curious creatures. That is probably the reason this cat first ventured towards the vacuum cleaner, although most cats I’ve been around run from it even when it’s not turned on. Now we all know how much some pets seem to hate vacuum cleaners, but this one here is weirdly fascinated by it.

This Russian kitty likes to play with the vacuum cleaner suction and it is ridiculously cute! This ginger cat is lying on the floor and it actually holding the vacuum cleaner hose like a baby would hold a bottle. But what the cat does really took me by surprise. I heard this strange noise and couldn’t really see what he was doing, but then the camera moved and I couldn’t believe it.

This cat was putting his tongue in the vacuum cleaner hose and it was flapping around making a noise, and then he would just keep doing it, like he was lapping up water. It’s hilarious! The cat’s eyes are huge and he’s looking at his mom, who is holding the hose, like, “Don’t you dare take this hose away from me.”

Watch this adorable cat going against the suction in the clip below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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