This Little Dog Can Play With An Automatic Fetch Machine For Hours!

All dogs love playing fetch and their masters love throwing the ball and enjoying their pets sprinting with all of their might to get that bouncy ball as quickly as possible.

Apart from their owners, dogs definitely derive more pleasure from this activity. Some believe that dogs love the chase, and others think that it is the fact that they get to return the gift to their friends. Nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain: they love it more than anything else in the whole world!

But people are not always around and sometimes they have to leave their houses. Meanwhile, their dogs are often left at home on their own. Luckily, one man designed a device that will leave his dog playing for as long as he wants.

One dad made an incredible device that can throw a tennis ball whenever the dog puts it in. And after a little bit of training, this cute dachshund figured out how to keep himself entertained all day.

One adorable moment when this little baby plays with the dog and set up a never-ending attack of tennis balls. The dog is on cloud nine!

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