This Little Girl Had Her Dog Stolen From Her. Watch Her Reaction When This Good Samaritan Shows Up…

In 2012, seven-year-old Mia and her mother were doing some Christmas shopping. They had taken Marley, their dog, Christmas shopping with them and had tied her up outside the shop while they were inside.

You can see on the surveillance camera that some horrible person came along and stole the dog. The security cameras did not identify the man, and Mia started to believe that she would never see Marley again. Mia even went on television and appealed to the thief to return her dog for Christmas. She was devastated by the loss of Marley.

At the same time, a schoolteacher named Tina was walking in the park when she came across a man selling a dog. Seem very suspicious to her, that anyone will be selling a dog on Christmas, but she couldn’t confront the man by herself. Instead she purchased the dog for $220 and took the dog to the vet. From there she was able to reunite Marley with Mia.

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