Little girl plays sweet music for a herd of cows

It’s not surprising that everyone loves listening to music. Some wanted it to be hard rock, while others preferred sweet and relaxing melodies.

There are also stories worldwide showing that even animals could be a possible music-lover. Dogs listening to a guitar, cats being serenaded through piano, and birds flocking whenever they hear a flute are just some of the examples.

However, the surprising part is, even a herd of cows is attracted to music. This story of a little girl playing accordion proves that indeed cows are music lovers.

This young lady is just sitting on the ranch while she enjoys playing her accordion. In a couple of minutes, cows suddenly charged in the little girl’s direction.

She was surprised to see that the cows are attracted to her music. They all stayed on a far spot as they pause and enjoy the sweet sound from this young lady.

The young lady can’t help but show her smile, indicating the happiness she has in her heart because of her unexpected audience.

This scenario may not be familiar to us. However, it is a good starting point to make us realize that we shouldn’t underestimate the abilities and affection that animals can show to us.

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Little girl plays sweet music for a herd of cows