Little Toddler Girl Got Lost In The Woods, But She Was Saved Thanks To Him!

There’s no greater fear that a parent can feel than losing your small child and not having any hope to find them. This is what Victoria’s parents felt when she got lost one time, on a cold February night, when she managed to get out of the house and wander off into the woods that were nearby. Her parents quickly reported her, and the Search and Rescue teams were deployed right away, as small children can be considered missing immediately after they’re reported.

The teams searched constantly for 15 hours, looking for the poor 3 year old girl, and every hour it became harder and more agonizing for their poor parents, but they eventually were able to find her, to their great relief. And to add to the amazingness, they found a pleasant surprise along with their daughter in her hiding spot!

When they find Victoria, they realized that Blue, the family’s dog of a beautiful Queensland Heeler breed, had kept her safe and warm with her company all night, when she got lost and scared alone. This is just another amazing example of the amazing joy that dogs can bring in your home.

You can enjoy this amazing story in the video just below.

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