After Being Lonely Orphans, 2 Unlikely Pals Brought Each Other Friendship In A Time of Need

Meet the adorable Chip and her sweet friend Adele. Chip is the puppy in the video below, and he was actually a stray dog since he was born and until he was just 5 weeks old. Lots of dogs worldwide have to face horrible living conditions while living alone in the streets, but thankfully, Chip was able to be rescued on time, and I’m glad they did, cause that helped bring us this adorable video!

Adele is her friend, and she was only 4 weeks old herself at the time of the video’s recording. These two pups were taken in by the Operation Kindness, an animal rescue organization that has a no-kill mercy shelter, for stray animals that need help and a home, and shouldn’t face euthanasia just for having been rescued from the streets.

Adele and Chip are the cutest and most playful best friends, even after just a few days of knowing each other and despite being so young, the bond that they share is already very great and very deep. I’m sure they have a full and happy life ahead of them, and this clip of them sharing a nice nap and fighting sleep is proof of dog’s infinite love.

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