Mama Dog’s Maternal Instinct Extends to All Babies After Separation from Pups

A recent video clip of a mama dog (Kona) and her love for foster kittens has gained significant popularity. Whenever Asa brought home a crate of foster kittens, Kona would start freaking out.

This all started one day when Kona’s mom had taken the kittens for their vaccine boosters and came home an hour later. This was when she began to show her excitement. The pooch thought that her mom had got the babies for her.

To understand a bit of the back story about this mama dog, Kona had a rough start in life. She and her three puppies were found as a stray dog in Tennessee. A few days later, the mom and her pups were brought to New York to find a forever home.

Fortunately, Kona and her three puppies were adopted. But not for long. Kona was returned by the first family and went into foster care. This happened again. When the shelter workers confronted the two families, they said Kona feared men. Thus, it was difficult for her to live with them.

After a few months, Kona eventually met her new owner, Asa, who immediately took her in. Her new mom was fond of fostering kittens, and every time she got the foster babies home, Kona got excited. Asa once felt like Kona was a mom; she still had the instinct to help others.

More often, when the foster babies did not have a mama cat, Kona ensured she’d clean. She would even hover by the kittens during mealtime to ensure they were eating. It is not just one-sided. Even the felines have got a soft corner for her.

Kona would play with them & sometimes would even carry them as pooches do. The mama dog is not always on duty; she loves playing outside in the yard with her friends. Asa thought the best thing about Kona was that she got along with every kitten.

Asa often found kittens sleeping behind Kona in the clam bed and even fighting over who gets to snuggle with their makeshift mama dog. According to Asa, she is a perfect Mama to all her kittens.

Kona’s heartwarming story showcases that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and it is easy to love others. So, please share this video with your friends because these heartwarming stories deserve to be seen and celebrated.

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Mama Dog\'s Maternal Instinct Extends to All Babies After Separation from Pups