Man builds the perfect tiny cabin in just 7 days

When camping, it can be tricky to balance the desires of “glampers” and people who want an authentic nature experience. This clever builder created a cabin that would have both groups of people happy.

Jack Steward created this nature escape in his backyard shortly after he and his wife moved to Minnesota. His intent for the A-frame structure was to have it be a getaway while he and his partner adjusted to Midwest living.

This tiny cabin looks stunning in this picturesque forest. Heat-treated wood panels hold in the heat, and a metal roof provides cover from the snow. Even before you step inside, you know the cabin will be cozy.

Although this is his first structure, this 10 x 8-foot cabin has all the creature comforts a person could desire. It has a single-burner stove for making hot cups of coffee and a wood-burning stove to keep things warm.

But did not want this cabin to be used for only afternoon visits. Jack wanted a backyard retreat that he or his partner could stay in overnight. So, Jack integrated a port for a diesel heater to pump in continuous heat.

If that were not enough, his cabin featured electricity and came with whiskey, coffee, a couch and a bed to lounge on. And the most surprising thing about this tiny cabin is that it only took seven days to build.

After only seven days of work, this cabin has become the perfect nature escape for Jack and his wife. Watch the short video tour of this ingenious cabin. We promise you will be just as jealous as we are after you finish.

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Man builds the perfect tiny cabin in just 7 days