That Man Climbs Up A Tree To A Large Nest And Reaches For An Eagle. What Does He Do To The Angry Bird?

When you think of animals what comes to your mind? Normally we think of the animals that we normally have as pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. But for other people they think of other animals that you can find out in the wild. One animal in particular that has many people in awe and is the animal that is representative to North America, do you know what animal we’re talking about?

Eagles! Eagles are one of those animals that people have always been fascinated by and it’s easy to understand why. They are elusive, large, hard to find and have very distinctive characteristics. One man is able to be around these majestic animals all the time and his name is Jim Campbell-Spickler. He is one individual who has dedicated his entire life to studying these amazing animals.

Jim works out in nature and is known as a forest canopy scientist. He gets to work out in the wilderness where eagles live and he studies them. He even has to climb up to their high up nests to take careful measurements and to study the baby chicks. Jim even sometimes has to take the baby eagles back to his laboratory in order to find out if there is anything hazardous that the birds are picking up in the surroundings.

It is people like Jim who we have to thank for all the information that we have on these gorgeous animals. He is able to determine whether or not the eagles are being hunted or harmed and from taking blood samples from them he is even able to tell whether or not the birds are ingestion things that are harmful to them but available in their environment. We need more people like Jim in the world to help us to take care of all the animals in the world.

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