A Man Opens Up A Large Cage On His Property. I Was Smitten With The Duo That Emerged.

People who steal animals to sell on the black market are scum. They rip babies away from their families and take them to environments that they were never intended for and sell them to people who do NOT have their best interests at heart, to say the least. But there are people out there who take a stand against this vermin and make sure that the natural order of things is restored. People like the man in this video.

Frank Cuesta rescues animals that have been poached and he nurses them back to health and then releases them back into the wild. Ironically, his name is close to Frank Castle, the Punisher from Marvel comic books and TV shows. I guess we’d call Cuesta “The Rescuer”, though. Here, he opens a cage and two baby otters scamper out. He had rescued them from poachers and they seem to be grateful for what he’s doing for them.

Cuesta is talking to the person holding the camera in rapid-fire Spanish. Ironically, the only subtitle option was French, which was even funnier, since I speak and read French even less than I do Spanish. The only thing that really mattered with this video, though, was that he showed that he cared about the animals. This is a man who is doing his part for keeping nature as the way as it should be – the home of the animals, not poachers.

I don’t speak Spanish, but I was mesmerized by the yelping of the otters as they waited for their food. I seriously wanted to jump into the video and scoop them up and then run back out of the video. Hmmm. That sounds like a TV show idea… I may have to write something up for that… Anyways, those two otters were so cute and the way they scooted around… They are in good hands until they get released into the water.

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