Man Rescues Baby Deer From Pool, But Wait Till You See What The Deer Does Next! OMG!

This is a home video of the dramatic rescue of a baby deer that fell into an in-ground pool. It was actually quite funny, if not for the gravity and danger of the situation.

The emergency unfolded like this. It was the morning of Father’s Day. The proud parents of a pair of young girls woke up to loud splashes from their swimming pool in the backyard as if there were Olympic swimmers competing in there.

When they rushed out the backdoor they saw their dog Max giving futile chase to a deer in the pool! It was a baby deer too but she’s outkicking their dog, for now. There was no description of Max but from looking at this beautiful family, it’d be a safe guess to say that Max might have been a yellow Labrador, which is a breed that wouldn’t hesitate to jump in the pool.

Anyway, the mother was able to get the dog inside to stop him from harassing the very scared baby deer any further. When the mother came back out to the pool, the father was already in the pool for the rescue mission, so she immediately turned on the video camera on her phone to document everything.

The father cut diagonally to the deer, which thankfully slowed down to let him grab it. He then walked the deer to the steps and lifted it up onto the high ground. At this point I almost laughed out loud when the deer turned around and jumped right back in the pool! I think maybe the girls who were too close might have frightened the jumpy animal.

Watch this clip and see how the deer was finally saved from a wet disaster. There is a happy ending here, yay!

Can you imagine what you’d feel seeing such a sight in your backyard? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. It’d be great to hear from you!

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