Maraca Enthusiast Is Very Protective! When Dad Won’t Stop Playing with Her Noisy Toys She Loses It!

Ah toddlers, the easiest and most peaceful age of a young baby’s life. Where parents are astounded by how gracious and caring their young kids are. Said literally no parent ever. The “terrible twos,” have almost always been a sign that your kids may be a little trying for the next year or so. At this stage in most kids’ lives they have adopted terms like “no” and “mine.” My experience with toddlers didn’t leave me with a bad taste, but did certainly make me laugh at how silly the little two-year-old was being. They are usually their most self-absorbed at this age. As well, they don’t really understand the concepts of “others feelings” or “others things.”

This hilarious toddler has a strong love for the time honored Spanish instruments. She was lucky enough to get this pair and clearly cherishes the beautifully painted rattles. With every shake, she hears she reacts with a whine and the words “Noooo!” Dad sits and waits to see his lovable little girl rushing to take back what is rightfully hers. It appears the word “No” is the operative word, as she uses it in every sentence.

Dad and mom seem to be getting quite the kick out of it! They can’t stop laughing as they tease this precious bundle of joy. As she quickly waddles out of the room to continue doing whatever she was doing elsewhere, Dad jumps back into action and quickly grabs the maracas. Shaking them as if to summon the young and adamant musician. “Noooooo. No No No No No!” She doesn’t whine as she says this, it’s more of an imitation she’s heard no doubt. Very definitive and very plainly. She emphasizes every time she says her favorite word. She takes the maracas from disobedient dad and places them to the side, away from Dad. After two times of this risky behavior, Dad finds the funniest way to mess with his adorable toddler.

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