Massive waves hit cruise ship while a passenger captures the shocking footage of the event

When I think of cruise ship vacations, I think of great sites, great food, and great fun. It’s getting to spend the time of your life aboard a ship with great luxury and style. For many years, traveling on cruise ships has been considered the only way to vacation by many people. It involves the best thing out of many worlds. You get the chance to go to exotic destinations, and it’s like taking the entire hotel with you.

One thing that I love about cruise ships is that they usually have a lot of forms of entertainment. They have all sorts of people there who ensure that you are having the time of your life. In my case, I am a music fan and all the cruise ship I have seen always have live music. I remember one that I went on that had a piano player from Europe.

This guy was really something. He knew how to play many songs. It didn’t matter where the song was from. He would know how to play it. There was another one who had a band. This band was famous in the area because they covered many of The Beatles songs. I swear one of the guys even looked like Ringo Star! They were very talented and very good guys as well.

Well, one of the things I don’t envision when traveling is having huge waves hitting the ship from left and right. And this is exactly what happened to a man and his friends. They had decided to go on vacation and take a cruise through Europe. They had gotten summer jobs, so they could save enough money for it, and before they knew it, they were on their way.

During the day, they spent some time sunbathing near a beautiful pool and enjoying all the refreshments the ship had to offer. When they docked at a port, they would get off the ship and do a little sightseeing. They would try to speak to the locals to see where the best places to eat would be and of course, they wanted to get the best souvenirs to take back with them.

Everything was fun and relaxation until their ship, Anthem of the Seas, found itself in the middle of a huge storm that produced huge waves and winds of over 120 mph. While the danger of the boat capsizing was little, it did rock from one side to the other. One of the young men took out his cell phone and captured the entire ordeal on video and here it is!